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NIVY Watch
Starter Kit

  • 1 piece of NIVY Watch
  • 1 piece of Single-Charging Station
  • 3 pieces of Beacons
  • 1 license of NIVYWear
  • 1 instance of NIVY Data Factory Organization

1180 EUR

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Unique Ergonomic Design
Single Physical Button
Touch Screen Interface


48.0 mm diameter
16.8 mm thickness


22 mm


38g without strap
59g with strap


AMOLED touch screen
454 by 454 pixels, 372 PPI


MTK 6739
1.25 GHZ quad-core processor


32GB Internal memory


Android 7.1.1


Wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
2.4 GHz and 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0


800mAh Battery
Magnetic Charging Dock


Heart Rate
Pedometer & Distance
Light sensor




Designed for Professional Use

At first, used mostly as personal fitness trackers,
smartwatches are now finding their place in businesses as the first step to automation of work processes.

Meet NIVY Watch

A unique combination of industrial smartwatches
packaged in an exquisite, highly functional design and specialized software
ready for enterprise use.

A powerful working tool and elegant everyday companion equipped with the latest smart technologies.

Ergonomic Watch body provides comfortable usage during challenging work situations.

Button location at the bottom provides easier access, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves.

Why Smartwatches
for business

There are multiple scenarios how business can benefit from empowering
their workforces with smartwatches.

  • \ Company to employee communication, including instant alerts

  • \ Entering/leaving company premises

  • \ Measuring the time spent while operating machines, at the desk, on the move, on breaks, etc..

  • \ Creating heat maps of staff movement

  • \ Location tracking to see where the colleagues are and whether they’re reachable

  • \ Distance covered & step count

  • \ Accelerometer tracking of manual work and hand movement to define optimal work pattern procedures

  • \ Long-term health monitoring of employees

  • \ Stress monitoring and health/accident alerts

  • \ Social distancing precautions regulation (COVID-19 prevention)

Powerful industrial

Modern design, pleasant materials and easy operation in one device available for mass deployment.

Not only a smart watch

NIVY Watch is a combination of specialized
hardware and software consisting of:

Professional smartwatch

Professional smartwatch with pleasant materials, good ergonomics and simple operation

Android-based firmware

Android based firmware with simplified UI to avoid employee distraction. Part of the firmware, is also a specialized application, that collects important data from watch sensors and sends them to the cloud

Multi-charging station

Scalable multi-charging station, to allow charging of tens or hundreds of watches at one place

Dedicated enterprise solution

Cloud-based Data Factory solution for storage, management and analysis of collected data

Standard devicefor every employee





Weight with strap


Case diameter

48.0 mm


Amoled touch


454 by 454 px

Scalablemulti-charging station

Charge even hundreds of watches simultaneously with a unique modular charging station directly at your workplace, be it an office or a factory.

Modular charging blocks offer nine charging docks, and each block can connect to another, both horizontally and vertically. You can design your charging station based on the number of required docks – and expand it effortlessly whenever needed.

Android Based

NIVY Data Factory

Practical dock

Practical dock
& custom apps

NIVY Watch runs Android OS. It can be expanded with custom apps providing more value to specific professions and optimize the work processes of the entire company.

Apps can be developed in a familiar developer tools such as JAVA, or Xamarin. Thanks to tilted table-top charger that also serves as a practical dock can developers easily sync & see any software changes on watch’s display.

NIVY Data Factory

NIVY Data Factory is a dedicated enterprise solution that allows you to effortlessly set up and manage all of your NIVY Watch devices and collected data in one place. We have built it on top of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, which provides embedded Power BI tool for advanced data analysis.

Configure watches for individuals, teams, or the entire organization

Manage the collected data in the console’s intuitive user interface

Seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, such as BI tools, data mining, AI, or general API functionality

Automatically update the watch firmware, apps, and download the collected data

Customize your watch to perfection

NIVY Watch can be perfectly adapted to your corporate design, making it an essential part of your employees' appearance. And more than that! You can adapt the software functions to gather accurate data and connect with other tools.

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Make the right step to automation

Improve your overall operational efficiency. Pre-order NIVY Watch Starter kit today!

NIVY Watch
Starter Kit

  • 1 piece of NIVY Watch
  • 1 piece of Single-Charging Station
  • 3 pieces of Beacons
  • 1 license of NIVYWear
  • 1 instance of NIVY Data Factory Organization

Price 1180 EUR

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