The Smartwatch Productivity System

The simple watch is the oldest and most displayed wearable in the world. NIVY Watch transforms this timeless technology empowering companies to improve efficiencies in a new connected era.
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Not only a smart watch

NIVY Watch is the complete package of hardware & specialized software

Professional smartwatch
Industrial Smartwatch
  • Professional smartwatch with industrial-grade materials, pleasant ergonomics and simple operation complemented with multiple charging stations.
  • It runs specialized Android based firmware designed for business use.
Indoor positioning system
Indoor positioning system
  • Specialized system of Bluetooth beacons with easy installation allows staff location identification in site areas & departments
  • Quick to deploy system with no hardwired power and long service life
Analytics in the Cloud
Analytics in the Cloud
  • Cloud-based Data Factory solution for storage, management and analysis of collected data
  • Harnessing PowerBIs proven technology to bring advanced dashboard and data analytics
Why Smartwatches

NIVY Watch does a lot more than just telling the time!



  • Measure the time spent operating machinery or in a certain department. Make sure the team is in the right place at the right time.
  • Simple & Easy to use location tracking makes process optimisation a whole lot easier.
  • Communicate using short, simple messages with predefined responses. Compile a range of data about your employees health at work including steps, calories and distance covered while working,
  • Accelerometer tracking of manual work and hand movement to define optimal work pattern procedures​
  • Reduce stress and improve employees long-term health with detailed health data.
  • Incident alerts can inform collegues and managers of dangerous situations.
  • Disease tracking made easy with built-in social distancing & infection tracking

External Stakeholders

  • Sharing is Caring — NIVY Watch not only works internally but can be provided to external stakeholders such as suppliers or maintenance providers replacing tradtional guest badges and NFC Cards.
  • Don’t want to give watches to External Stakeholders? Why not use the NIVY Mobile App which can use the same NIVY Infrastructure.
  • Using rules ane zones, you are able to monitor the location of any external workers while on site, creating areas they are not allowed to enter and getting feedback on the work that has taken place.
  • Using the NIVY system would ensure that all stakeholders fulfil their promises to your business and, when needed, can help you with data driven decision-making.


Emil Frey

Improving the movement and communication of employees
Meet NIVY Watch

A unique combination of industrial smartwatches packaged in an exquisite, highly functional design and specialized software ready for enterprise use.

Nivy Watch on a single charging dock


  • A powerful working companion equipped with the latest smart technologies.
  • Ergonomic Watch body provides comfortable usage during challenging work situations.
  • Button location at the bottom provides easy-access, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves.

... with specialized firmware

  • The Android-based operating system has been customized to serve business customers and optimized for low battery consumption.
  • The user interface provides only essential functionality in order to avoid user distraction with consumer applications at the workplace.
  • The firmware also contains specialized applications that aggregate data from all available watch sensors and manage data transfer to the NIVY Data Factory. This function allows an audit of work activities based on pre-configured settings. Such an audit can help companies to better understand their work processes and subsequently increase work productivity, quality of goods and employee safety.

Messages between employees

  • Quick & Reliable communication between employees.
  • Manager to employee, employee to manager and even employee to employee messages with pre-defined responses.
  • Strong vibration alerts the user even in the loudest of enviroments.
Multi Charging Station

Power management

  • Single, quad, or multi-charging station provide convenient solution for any company
  • Regardless of the enviroment, whether it is an Office, a Shop or a Factory you can easily charge hundreds of watches simultaneously with our unique modular charging station.
  • Cloud based Power management tool shows the current battery status of all devices and identify devices with problematic battery performance.
NIVY beacons

Indoor positioning has never been so easy

  • Specialized NIVY beacons provide convenient indoor positioning infrastructure. No cables or power is needed. The beacons are easy to install and the battery lasts for up to 10 years.
  • Using Groups of Beacons, simple categorize areas & depatments no matter the shape or size.
  • NIVY software calculates time spent in areas and sends all the gathered data to the NIVY Data Factory for further processing and analysis.
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  • This particular functionality can serve as an employee indoor positioning system and can be used in various business scenarios.
  • The watch can also raise an alert if an employee appears within a set distance from a specific area. This functionality can help increase work safety in dangerous areas and various other location based situations.
NIVY Data Factory

Cloud based solution that allows you to effortlessly set up and manage NIVY Watch and collect data in one place.

Message portal

The power of PowerBI

  • Built on top of Azure Cosmos DB technology, with embedded Power BI tools for data analysis.
  • Configure watches for individuals, teams, or the entire organization.
  • Analyze gathered data in a familiar embedded Power BI tool.
  • Connect with third-party BI analytic tools for further custom analysis of gathered data.
  • Make a correlation of watch gathered data with existing production data to identify work process inefficencies.

Nivy watches are ready for any customization — whether hardware or software — so that they adapt to the needs of the company.

Interactive custom apps

  • Develop custom smartwatch applications to extend the functionality of the NIVY Watch system enhancing employees productivity.
  • NIVY Watch runs Android OS. It can be expanded with custom apps providing more value to specific professions. Such an interactive application can significantly increase the productivity of workers and optimize the work processes of the entire company.
  • Developers can use well-known tools such as JAVA, or Xamarin.
  • For improved comfort, we created a table-top charger that also serves as a practical dock for developers when connecting to the computer. Thanks to the tilted docking platform, you have a practical line of sight and can immediately sync & see any software changes on your watch's display.
Customizable watches

Customize your watch to perfection

  • NNIVY Watch can be perfectly adapted to your corporate design, making it an essential part of your employees' appearance. And more than that - you can adapt the software functions to gather accurate data and connect with other tools.
Make the right step to automation

Improve your overall operational efficiency. Pre-order NIVY Watch Starter kit today!

NIVY Watch Starter Kit

NIVY Watch Starter Kit

  • 1 piece of NIVY Watch
  • 1 piece of Single-Charging Station
  • 3 pieces of Beacons
  • 1 license of NIVYWear
  • 1 instance of NIVY Data Factory Organization

Price 1180 EUR

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