Nivy Watch

The Smartwatch Productivity System

Software and hardware solution for managing tasks and activities of employees.

It is suitable for logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare industries.

Not only a smart watch

NIVY Watch is the complete package of hardware & specialized software

Task Management

  • A complex task management system, including a Smartwatch with a touch display, is a modern and innovative way of enabling the digitization of work processes. In some cases, even replacing the ineffective use of Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Thanks to the cloud application the manager has online information about completing tasks during the work shift.
  • Analyzing collected data can provide a powerful tool for optimizing work processes.

Indoor Positioning System

  • The indoor positioning system enables the detection of watches and smartphones within individual operating departments.
  • The system is built on specialized BTLE devices that do not need any cabling and can be installed in a few hours.

Call on NIVY Watch

  • NIVY Watch enables real-time calls and voice messages, including the voice-to-text feature.
  • It also supports short text messages including predefined sets of messages with the text-to-voice feature.
  • The dashboard provides statistical analytics of communications among employees.
Why Smartwatches

Task Management Solution for Indoor Workers

Smartwatch as a solution

  • The tasks can be defined as simple activities or more complex jobs with sub-tasks and multiple input options.
  • The smart watch reminds the employee of schedule tasks on predefined day/time or every time he enters a task specific department.
  • The notifications executed as vibrations on the wrist.
  • Short messages from manager to employees can solve emergency situation.
Cloud Analytics

Task management tool in the cloud

  • The operations manager has a simple tool for planning within the operation.
  • During the shift, he has a complete overview of all planned tasks, the status of their fulfillments and, in the case of complex orders, detailed information, including the required inputs from the employee.
  • In case of an ad hoc situation, the manager can add, relocate, change planned tasks or move them between employees.
  • In case of problems in the performance of tasks, they can identify the causes and propose a solution.

Cloud Analytics

  • Power BI Analytics analyzes all data about completed and uncompleted tasks for any previous period.
  • Advanced analytical tool allows complete evaluation of the performance of tasks from the point of view of individuals, groups of employees, or the entire operation.
Task Management
The NIVY Watch system can effectively help companies increase the consistency of task performance, improve work efficiency, ensure better quality control, modernize work organization through modern technologies, which results in increased company productivity and, thus, better financial results.

Human-centric solutions for the industries

Success story

Improving the movement and communication of employees

ERP systems

The system is fully open for integration with existing ERP or other IT systems designed for process management.

Dynamics 360 Business Central Integration

NIVY Watch can enable the computerization of workers who cannot use a smartphone to access the company's information system.

Thanks to the integration, it is possible to share essential data from the NIVY Watch system with the ERP system.

Identifies an emergency

When the ERP system identifies an emergency situation, the NIVY Watch system can be very helpful.

Here is an example of a device failure on a production line:

  • Thanks to information from NIVY Watch, the system can evaluate which qualified worker is closest to the problem location and automatically schedule an instant task for him/her.
  • The NIVY Watch system forwards this task to the smartwatch of the chosen employee.
  • The vibrations of the watch attract attention even in a noisy environment.
  • The smartwatch will display further instructions.
  • After completing a task, the worker can complete a simple checklist.
  • Subsequently, all the data gained from the smartwatch is automatically sent back to the ERP system for further processing.
Meet NIVY Watch

A unique combination of industrial smartwatches packaged in an exquisite, highly functional design and specialized software ready for enterprise use.

Large watch

Smartwatch for business purposes

  • A powerful working companion equipped with the latest smart technologies.
  • The ergonomic Watch body provides comfortable usage even in the most challenging work enviroments.
  • The button is easily accessible, even when wearing heavy-duty gloves.
  • The Android-based operating system has been customized to serve business customers.
  • The user interface provides only essential business functionality avoiding user distraction with consumer applications.
Multi Charger Quad Multi Charger Quad Multi Charger Quad Multi Charger Quad

Power management

  • Single, quad, or multi-charging stations provide a convenient solution for any company.
  • Regardless of the environment, whether it is an Office, a Shop or a Factory you can easily charge hundreds of watches simultaneously with our unique modular charging station.
  • Cloud-based Power management tools show the current battery status of all devices and identify devices with problematic battery performance.
NIVY beacons

Indoor positioning has never been so easy

Nivy Beacon Nivy Beacon


  • BTLE beacons enable indoor location identification without cables, easy to install with 10-year battery life.
  • Clustered beacons map areas/departments allowing you to assign tasks based on location.
  • NIVY Beacons can have temperature and humidity sensors or device motion detection.
  • NIVY Gateway collects data from all sensors and immediately sends it to the cloud, making it a professional IoT solution.

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