In a bustling hotel environment, efficient room cleaning management is crucial for maintaining high-quality service and guest satisfaction. Leveraging smart watches as an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the hotel streamlines its room cleaning operations, enhances communication, and ensures timely updates on room statuses.
Task Board – an easy task and activity management for deskless workers
The NIVY Watch Task Board stands out as a pivotal feature within the the NIVY Watch extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Crafted as a custom HTML component seamlessly integrated into the Business Central environment, the Task Board is a powerful tool that revolutionizes task and activity management for deskless workers. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve deeper into the functionalities, significance, and nuances of the Task Board, exploring its role in enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating real-time oversight.
Introducing the NIVY Watch Mobile App: Shift Management and Communication for Deskless Workers
Bratislava, Slovakia, Oct 17, 2023 — NIVY Watch, a pioneering solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is thrilled to announce the launch of its versatile mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This innovative application is designed to empower shift leaders and deskless workers, offering quick and efficient shift management capabilities, seamless communication tools, and more.
NIVY Watch to Showcase Task and Activity Management at Directions EMEA 2023
NIVY Watch is excited to announce its participation in Directions EMEA 2023, taking place from November 1 to 3 in Lyon, France. The event will serve as a platform for NIVY Watch to present its groundbreaking solution, "Task and Activity Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central."
NIVY Watch Revolutionizes Task and Activity Management with Integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource
Charlotte, NC – October 17, 2023 – Community Summit 2023 – NIVY Watch, the groundbreaking task and activity management system designed to seamlessly integrate deskless workers into automated company processes using smartwatches, is pleased to announce its availability on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource.
Quality Control Checks with Smartwatches in Food & Beverages
Quality control plays a pivotal role in the food and beverage sector, where ensuring the highest standards of product quality and safety is of utmost importance. In this modern era, smartwatches have emerged as valuable tools to elevate the quality control process, ensuring that food and beverage products meet and exceed established standards. This use case underscores the significance of quality control checks in the food and beverage industry and highlights the transformative impact of smartwatches.
NIVY Watch at Community Summit, Oct 15-20, 2023, Charlotte, NC
🌟 Exciting Announcement from NIVY Watch! 🌟
New Employee Training with Smartwatches in Production
In the fast-paced world of production companies, the effective training of new employees is essential to maintain operational efficiency, accuracy, and safety. This use case explores how the integration of smartwatches into the training process can streamline onboarding, improve employee productivity, and enhance overall company operations.
Employee Communication in Retail with Smartwatches
In the dynamic and fast-paced world of retail, effective communication among employees is paramount for delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring safety, and maintaining operational efficiency. Smartwatches, equipped with real-time communication and notification capabilities, have emerged as a game-changer in the retail sector. This use case explores how smartwatches facilitate seamless employee communication in a retail environment, ultimately improving customer experiences and operational effectiveness.
Optimizing Inventory Picking and Packing in Logistics with Smartwatches
Efficient inventory picking and packing processes are pivotal for streamlining logistics operations, minimizing errors, and meeting customer demands. Smartwatches, equipped with real-time connectivity and advanced features, have emerged as valuable tools for enhancing these essential tasks in the logistics industry.
Workflow Tracking With Smartwatches In Manufacturing
Workflow tracking is a critical aspect of managing manufacturing operations efficiently. Smartwatches, equipped with advanced technology and real-time connectivity, have emerged as invaluable tools for optimizing workflow tracking in the manufacturing sector.
NIVY Watch for Microsoft D365 Business Central
NIVY Watch for Microsoft Business Central is a revolutionary task management system integrating deskless workers into automated company processes using smartwatches. This innovative solution empowers deskless workers by providing real-time access to critical information and task assignments directly on their wrists. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Business Central organizations can streamline workflows, enhance communication, and track various business processes while ensuring deskless workers stay connected and up to date. NIVY Watch improves efficiency, worker safety, and collaboration between deskless workers and the central operations hub, making it a game-changer in task management.
NIVY Watch Announces Integration with Microsoft Business Central, Enabling Smartwatch-Based Task Management System for Deskless Workers
NIVY Watch, a leading provider of smartwatch solutions for managing tasks and activities of deskless workers, is excited to announce its integration with Microsoft Business Central, a popular ERP system. This integration brings a new module to Business Central, with specialized entities and tools for task management of deskless workers.
Smartwatch as an ERP extension
Although it seems that  companies today are already fully computerized, this is not entirely true. The computerization of companies is fully dependent on the computerization of their employees. Most workers, e.g. in the field of production and logistics, but also in other sectors, are deskless and not computerized. The reason is simple. They need both hands to do their work, so using a smartphone is not suitable for them. A smartwatch seems to be a suitable solution for this type of worker.
How to Communicate Effectively in Retail Enviroments
In a retail environment, effective communication between employees is critical for ensuring that the store operates smoothly and customers receive the best possible service. Smartwatches can serve as a communication tool that allows employees to stay connected with each other no matter where they are in the store. For example, if a customer has a […]
NIVY Watch announces CallToWatch
NIVY Watch announces the availability of the very new CallToWatch functionality, which greatly facilitates communication between employees in companies. CallToWatch is a VoIP voice communication between employees, which will now be part of the NIVY Watch solution. The following types of communication will be supported: Watch and Watch Phone and Watch Web and Watch In […]
Colleagues see each others location using NIVY Watch
Each employee sees coworkers’ positions directly on the NIVY Watch resulting in a significant productivity increase. With NIVY Watch technology, workers can now easily show their location, making it easier for coworkers to locate one another. NIVY Watch’s real-time localization system is revolutionizing how industries operate, particularly in sectors where workers must navigate large indoor […]
NIVY Watch Patent Application
This year, the Industrial Property Office accepted applications for the registration of a patent (technical solution No. PP 5-2023, PP 6-2023 ) and a utility model (product design No. PUV 3-2023, PUV 4-2023) for our Device which monitors the work activities of workers in the workspace and the method of monitoring the work activities of […]
Smartwatches as a modern tool for the task management of indoor workers
Most business IT solutions are aimed at professions that use a computer or mobile phone in their work. In companies, especially in the field of production, logistics, retail or healthcare, most employees need both hands during their work, and therefore the use of a computer or smartphone for business purposes is not possible for all […]
NIVY Watch releases NIVY Data Factory 2022 based on Azure Cosmos DB and embedded Power BI analytics
Bratislava, March 15, 2022 – NIVY Watch s.r.o. announces the release of the NIVY Data Factory 2022 now with the added support of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and embedded Power BI analytics. Thanks to Cosmos DB the latest version of the Data Factory provides better scalability even for large companies with multiple branches as well as powerful analytics with familiar Power BI tools.
EF Logistic Services: Improving the movement and communication of employees
EF Logistics continuously strives to improve controls over multiple warehouse zones while improving and accelerating non-verbal communication between employees. Therefore, they chose the intelligent NIVY Watch as a solution that will help them with these challenges and further streamline their internal processes.
How to send a message with NIVY
Sending messages to NIVY Watches is only one of the groundbreaking features built into our technology. Here, we show you just how easy it is to get started!
Employee Monitoring – Harmful or Favorable?
Businesses may want to monitor their employees for a variety of reasons. It is usually advantageous for larger companies that are unaware of what is going on around the company as they cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. Other benefits may include ensuring that the business is constantly moving forward. Employee acceptance, on the other […]
NIVY Watch in Hospitality
The travel & tourism industry is everywhere and makes up for a whopping 10.4% of the world's GDP in 2019 ( Whenever we visit another city, we are contributing to that number. In the US alone, 13.13 million people work directly in the hospitality and leisure industry. With all the changes over the last few years in hospitality, it is an industry that has to constantly innovate. According to 60% of restaurants fail within the first year and a scary 80% within the first 5 years. Clearly not an easy industry, this use case report will look at how technology such as NIVY can help.
Advantages of smartwatches in the workplace compared to other devices
Smartwatches vs. Other Devices Using devices such as tablets and smartwatches in the workplace is already a tried and tested concept that benefits not just employees but also businesses. You may wonder what big difference a small device like a smartwatch can make in comparison to other devices. The small device is not always desired, […]
4 Advantages of Smartwatches for Businesses
You may believe that your company has all the essential technology to improve employee welfare as well as their performance. However, new methods and technologies for improving all aspects of work are continually being developed. One of these upcoming business technologies are smartwatches. In this article, I will discuss the advantages of smartwatches for businesses […]
The NIVY Watch Experience
I’ve been with NIVY Watch for almost a year now and have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. I must admit that I didn’t wear watches in the past, and when I did, it was mostly for formal occasions. But while working for this company, I was able to wear them on a […]
Why smartwatches for businesses?
It is well acknowledged that the usage of devices and modern technology is becoming an important aspect of improving business processes and productivity. One of these devices are wearables, which are rapidly gaining popularity and beginning to replace larger devices such as tablets and smartphones. According to Strategy Analytics (2019), smartwatch sales have increased by […]
NIVY Watch: Enhancing Workplace Safety
Not only can be the NIVY Watch used as a key tool for enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency, but it can also be used to improve workplace safety. Because the sensors monitor both movement and health information, they can help in aspects such as; safety at work, accident detection, accident prevention and social distancing (COVID-19). […]
What does it mean to receive the NIVY Watch Evaluation Kit?
If you you’re not sure how NIVY Watch works, or how to set it up, this blog post is exactly for you. Getting the NIVY Watch system up and running takes less than 5 minutes. And there’s no better way to experience its capabilities and ease of use, than requesting our evaluation kit and test it […]
Indoor area positioning with NIVY Watch
Indoor positioning is an interesting and in-demand functionality within the corporate environment. This functionality provides companies with many opportunities to improve the efficiency of work processes or other benefits that can be achieved.
NIVY Watch in Retail
Retail is one of the areas where, in a lot of cases, employees utilize modern technologies only to a small degree. The reason for this is that these workers need both hands to fulfill their work responsibilities (i.e., loading equipment on shelves or operating the cash register) which prevents them from using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet).
Correlation between NIVY Watch and production data
NIVY Watch system gathers important data consisting of worker activities (such as steps, distance, indoor positioning, etc.) that can be used to identify possible areas for enhancing employee productivity. Although such data alone can have substantial value, a correlation with production data identifies areas with a potential for work process improvements which could results in increased company productivity.
Healthcare: Optimizing workflow with NIVY Watch
Problem An unnamed Czech hospital wanted to find a solution for improving staff workflow and health-care equipment management. Missing equipment and inefficient staff workflow are pressing problems in healthcare, as ineffective work management and searching for equipment and lost items cost hospitals money and time. Especially now, in the midst of a pandemic, when those […]
NIVY Watch: Order instead of chaos
Charging smartwatches in the workplace is an extremely important aspect to consider. Having only one insufficiently charged watch can cause a variety of issues, ranging from reduced employee productivity to complete operational collapse.