NIVY Watch releases NIVY Data Factory 2022 based on Azure Cosmos DB and embedded Power BI analytics

Bratislava, March 15, 2022 – NIVY Watch s.r.o. announces the release of the NIVY Data Factory 2022 now with the added support of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and embedded Power BI analytics. Thanks to Cosmos DB the latest version of the Data Factory provides better scalability even for large companies with multiple branches as well as powerful analytics with familiar Power BI tools.

NIVY smartwatches produce a staggering amount of data. A single watch produces approximately 10,000 records per day. Multiply that by a hundred watches, and that is 30,000,000 records per month and 360,000,000 per year. For this amount of data, it was necessary to choose a suitable cloud solution.

Thanks to Cosmos DB, the NIVY Data Factory has acquired a suitable database platform for storing large data, together with powerful Power BI analytics, which are embedded in the Data Factory web application. Thanks to Power BI, customers get a powerful tool for analyzing data obtained from NIVY smartwatches, that, thanks to their sensors, collect the work activities of employees. Analyzing this data can help employers gain a better overview of their work processes within their company or reveal hidden challenges.

“Analyzing the data collected from NIVY Watch can be crucial for making good decisions,”

“With the latest version of Data Factory 2022, this cloud solution becomes a powerful analytical tool for day-to-day analytics, as well as industry specific custom analysis based on customer needs.”

Kamil Jadron, CEO of NIVY Watch.

Multiple branches in one organization

NIVY Data Factory is also suitable for large organizations with multiple branches. Thanks to Cosmos DB, such branches can be part of one Data Factory organization. In this case, all common data is stored in an SQL database and one unique Cosmos DB container is created for each branch. This scaling allows each branch to provide its own Power BI analytics. Regardless, the entire organization can still perform comprehensive analysis on merged data from all branches. In this way, managers can see the differences in work processes between individual branches and other interesting analytics.

“Data plays a critical role in improving the quality of decision-making. NIVY Watch is a nice solution that generates millions of high-fidelity business-related data points. With the support of Azure Cosmos DB, NIVY Watch is able to build an innovative solution at cloud-scale, and improve its customers to make qualified decisions.”

Andrew Liu, Principal PM for Azure Cosmos DB

About NIVY Watch

NIVY Watch is a unique combination of industrial smartwatches packaged in an exquisite, highly functional design and specialized software ready for enterprise use. A part of the solution is a cloud-based business application NIVY Data Factory for storing, managing, and analyzing of data captured by NIVY Watch devices.

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