NIVY Watch: Order instead of chaos

Charging smartwatches in the workplace is an extremely important aspect to consider. Having only one insufficiently charged watch can cause a variety of issues, ranging from reduced employee productivity to complete operational collapse.

Even with fewer devices, significant chaos can occur around the charging stations. However, the situation becomes increasingly unsustainable with the arising need to charge tens or hundreds of watches at the same location. As a result, consumer solutions designed for charging a single watch are unsuitable for business use, requiring the use of a specialized system to solve this problem.

The use of NIVY Watch and its innovative modular solution for charging smartwatches directly at the workplace is one of the solutions that can resolve this issue. In the need to charge fewer watches, Single, Double or Quad-charging stations may be used, which allow efficient use of space and eliminate the clutter of cables used for electronic connections.

A modular Multi-charging station is available for charging tens or hundreds of watches in one location, and it can be freely extended to the required number of charging positions. A watch identification system is also available, as well as a station including a WiFi unit for overnight data synchronization. With the option of wall mounting, NIVY Watch provides an appealing, compact charging center that is also suitable for large productions or logistic operations with a large number of employees.

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