NIVY Watch for Microsoft D365 Business Central

NIVY Watch for Microsoft Business Central is a revolutionary task management system integrating deskless workers into automated company processes using smartwatches. This innovative solution empowers deskless workers by providing real-time access to critical information and task assignments directly on their wrists. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Business Central organizations can streamline workflows, enhance communication, and track various business processes while ensuring deskless workers stay connected and up to date. NIVY Watch improves efficiency, worker safety, and collaboration between deskless workers and the central operations hub, making it a game-changer in task management.

Task Management System for Deskless Workers

NIVY Watch seamlessly connects with Microsoft D365 Business Central, allowing users to stay within a familiar environment. It goes beyond traditional task management, hence significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.

With NIVY Watch’s task management system, deskless workers stay connected and synchronized with their company’s workflow through smartwatches. Automatic generated real-time notifications and reminders precise communication and minimize the risk of miscommunication or missed deadlines.

NIVY Watch optimizes task management processes and improves collaboration and traceability of processes for Microsoft D365 Business Central customers.

Contactless Equipment Identification

The system assigns the tasks based on the employee´s proximity to the assets – these are localized by Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons. The system is compatible with various devices, providing flexibility and ease of use.

The BLE beacons can also incorporate additional sensors, transforming the system into an IoT solution. These sensors provide real-time environmental data, ensuring optimal performance and safety in different work environments.

Easy Communication with Deskless Workers

Call to Watch

The NIVY Watch offers convenient communication via real-time calls and voice messages, with the added benefit of a voice-to-text feature. It also supports short text messages, including predefined messages that can be converted to voice through the text-to-voice functionality. In addition to these communication functions, the NIVY Watch’s dashboard provides statistical analytics, allowing employers to access valuable insights into the communications taking place among their employees.

Business Central Environment Integration

NIVY Watch for D365 Business Central

The NIVY Watch solution offers a seamless user interface within the D365Business Central environment. This integration provides users with various new and advanced functionalities, allowing them to create and manage tasks for deskless workers efficiently. By incorporating these features into a familiar environment, users can easily navigate and leverage the full potential of the NIVY Watch solution.

Platform for Microsoft Integration Partners

The NIVY Watch for Microsoft D365 Business Central has evolved into a comprehensive platform that offers integration partners of Microsoft the ability to seamlessly connect and effectively manage deskless workers within their customers’ specialized processes. With this advanced solution, integration partners can establish a seamless connection between Microsoft D365 Business Central and the specific workflows of their clients, enabling them to oversee and coordinate the activities of deskless workers efficiently. By leveraging NIVY Watch integration partners can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure a smooth collaboration among deskless workers of their customers. This integrated platform is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to optimize their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve greater efficiency in managing their specialized processes.

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