NIVY Watch Announces Integration with Microsoft Business Central, Enabling Smartwatch-Based Task Management System for Deskless Workers

NIVY Watch, a leading provider of smartwatch solutions for managing tasks and activities of deskless workers, is excited to announce its integration with Microsoft Business Central, a popular ERP system. This integration brings a new module to Business Central, with specialized entities and tools for task management of deskless workers.

NIVY Watch’s core product is a task management system that enables the integration of deskless workers into automated company processes through smartwatches. With the integration into Business Central, users can create and monitor tasks and activities in a familiar environment. However, the creation and management of tasks can also be fully automated and integrated into existing ERP processes through the integration API..

With this integration, NIVY Watch becomes a platform that integration partners can use to connect and manage deskless workers to their customers’ specialized processes.

Additionally, company managers can communicate directly with deskless employees through short text messages or VoIP voice communication via the Business Central environment or a specialized smartphone application.

The integration of NIVY Watch with Microsoft Business Central will be available for integration partners in June 2023. This new functionality is set to revolutionize the way deskless workers are managed across logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare industries.

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