Right step to automation in manufacturing


Increase of

NIVY Watch system gathers important data consisting of worker activities (such as steps, distance, indoor positioning, etc.) that can be used to identify possible areas for enhancing employee productivity. Although such data alone can have substantial value, a correlation with production data identifies areas with a potential for work process improvements which could result in increased company productivity.

Indoor positioning

Equipped with specialized hardware and software, NIVY Watch identifies beacons that are a short distance away. The unique antenna allows precise measurements of the distance to a beacon. The software calculates time spent near the beacons and sends all the gathered data to the NIVY Data Factory for further processing and analysis. This particular functionality can serve as an employee indoor positioning system and can be used in various business scenarios.

The watch can also raise an alert if an employee appears within a set distance from a specific beacon. This functionality can help increase work safety in dangerous areas. There are many other scenarios that can benefit from this functionality.