Maximize the productivity in logistics


Monitoring daily habits and processes is an effective way to maximize productivity. The collected data – regarding work patterns, employee movement and physical condition, social distancing (as part of COVID-19 prevention), and more – will help you see where you can improve your operations. The data can be collected in an anonymous or personalized mode to fulfill all GDPR and other local authority requirements for personal data manipulation.

Work Activity App

In some situations, the employer needs to have detailed information about the work activities that employees are just performing or have done in the past. NIVY Watch has a dedicated application for this purpose. The app provides a simple user interface enabling the user to select a work activity from a list. The current activity is always visible, and the user can easily change the recorded activity by a simple edit.

Automatic activity detection

Automatic activity detection can also be applied based on location positioning (beacons) or work activity patterns (accelerometer). The app links all the work activities with time stamps and sends all the captured data to the NIVY Data Factory. The NIVY Data Factory further provides a complete configuration of data as well as app logic.

Social distancing

Specialized software, which is part of every NIVY Watch, provides a perfect social distancing solution at the workplace. It monitors all other watches that are present at a close distance for a critical amount of time. The distance and time are configurable.
The software archives such information from watches of all employees to the NIVY Data Factory. In the case of an individual’s infection, management can quickly identify all other employees with the potential risk of contracting the disease. NIVY Watch can also raise an alert to a user every time two watches appear too close to each other for an undesirable period of time.

Why NIVY Watch for business?

Company to employee communication

including instant alerts

Entering / leaving

company premises

Measuring the time

spent operating machines, at the desk, on the move, on breaks, etc.

Creating heat maps

of staff movement

Location tracking

to see where the colleagues are and whether they’re reachable


covered & step count

Accelerometer tracking

of manual work and hand movement to define optimal work pattern procedures

Long-term health and stress monitoring

of employees and health/accident alerts

Social distancing

precautions regulation (COVID-19 prevention)