How to send a message with NIVY

Sending messages to NIVY Watches is only one of the groundbreaking features built into our technology. Here, we show you just how easy it is to get started!

With the latest firmware updates, sending a message and getting a response from a NIVY Watch using the NIVY data factory couldn’t be easier!

Being able to communicate with your team in an easy-to-use platform is a must-have feature for many managers around the world, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to the nature of peoples work. Think about an electrician who is working in a high up place on a hoist or a production line worker who is always using their hands to complete tasks. Traditional systems such as emails or instant messaging just wouldn’t work – but NIVY has you covered!

So, let’s get started.


Open up the NIVY Data Factory and head to ‘Messages’


Click the new message icon in the top right


Enter your message and decide on your response type – then, click ‘Send’


The message will be delivered to the chosen NIVY Watch

And then, you can see the response and delivery status in the NIVY Data Factory!


It’s that simple with NIVY!

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