Data management

Specialized firmware

The Android-based operating system has been accommodated to serve business customers and optimized for low battery consumption.

The user interface provides only the necessary functionality in order to avoid user distraction with consumer applications at the workplace.

The firmware also contains specialized applications that aggregate data from all available watch sensors and manage data transfer to the NIVY Data Factory. This function allows an audit of work activities based on pre-configured settings. Such an audit can help companies to better understand their work processes and subsequently increase work productivity, quality of goods, and employee safety.

Employee Monitoring

Health & safety

Social distancing

Specialized software, which is part of every NIVY Watch, provides a perfect social distancing solution at the workplace. It monitors all other watches that are present at a close distance for a critical amount of time.
The distance and time are configurable. The software archives such information from watches of all employees to the NIVY Data Factory. In the case of an individual’s infection, management can quickly identify all other employees with the potential risk of contracting the disease.

NIVY Watch can also raise an alert to a user every time two watches appear too close to each other for an undesirable period of time.