Bratislava, March 15, 2022 – NIVY Watch s.r.o. announces the release of the NIVY Data Factory 2022 now with the added support of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and embedded Power BI analytics. Thanks to Cosmos DB the latest version of the Data Factory provides better scalability even for large companies with multiple branches as well as powerful analytics with familiar Power BI tools.
Introducing the NIVY Powerbank – a new industrial powerhouse!
The NIVY Powerbank is another example of NIVY Watch's commitment to developing innovative technology with commercial use cases in mind. NIVY Watch aims to be your ultimate commercial partner in the world of Industrial Watches by listening to our customers and partners – bringing products like NIVY Powerbank to market!
Employee Monitoring – Harmful or Favorable?
Businesses may want to monitor their employees for a variety of reasons. It is usually advantageous for larger companies that are unaware of what is going on around the company as they cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. Other benefits may include ensuring that the business is constantly moving forward. Employee acceptance, on the other […]