NIVY Watch for Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central EULA


This End User License Agreement pertains to the Business Central (BC) extension “NIVY Watch for Business Central” (The Extension). It is an agreement between Nivy Watch s.r.o. and a customer with a valid NIVY Watch DataFactory (DF) license (Customer).

Purpose of the Extension

The Extension is provided to customers with a valid DF license to use at no extra charge. Its purpose is to facilitate integration between DF and BC by:

  • allowing users to import data in from DF into BC
  • allowing users to keep selected data in DF up to date, e.g., scheduled tasks, from BC.

General terms

The general terms and conditions for DF apply where relevant.

Limitations on use

The Customer may schedule automatic synchronization of scheduled tasks, task responses or similar business data that The Extension allows. However, to avoid degrading or interrupting DF services such scheduled synchronization may not be run more frequently than once per hour. Nivy Watch s.r.o. may require the Customer to schedule their synchronization jobs at specific times for the purpose of maintaining a high quality of service.

For the purpose of maintaining a high quality of service, Nivy Watch s.r.o. may at any time unilaterally change the frequency with which the Customer may run scheduled jobs.