Advantages of smartwatches in the workplace compared to other devices

Smartwatches vs. Other Devices Using devices such as tablets and smartwatches in the workplace is already a tried and tested concept that benefits not just employees but also businesses. You may wonder what big difference a small device like a smartwatch can make in comparison to other devices. The small device is not always desired, […]

Smartwatches vs. Other Devices

Using devices such as tablets and smartwatches in the workplace is already a tried and tested concept that benefits not just employees but also businesses. You may wonder what big difference a small device like a smartwatch can make in comparison to other devices. The small device is not always desired, but on the other hand, smartwatches have drastically evolved, their capabilities have expanded, and they can now compete and conquer other devices. We can see this in the increase of their shippmentpopularity and sales.

In this article, I will highlight why people/ businesses may want to transition to smartwatches by comparing their benefits to other devices.


The most important advantage is that the smartwatches’ constant touch with the human body enables monitoring of health data (heart rate, oximeter, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.). This ensures more accurate data than from other devices because of the continual contact with the body. By monitoring employees’ health and stress levels to ensure their well-being and safety. Furthermore, employees themselves may want to wear watches more frequently to keep track of their fitness and healthy lifestyle.


Because of data monitoring, not only can be wellbeing better managed, but also safety can be better ensured than with conventional devices. Smartwatches emit alerts and sensitive vibrations on the skin during emergencies, which are more likely to be noticed by employees. The employer may be able to help employees quickly when detecting injuries or accidents by receiving unusual employee health data from the watch. Employers may also propose measures to improve or accommodate employees’ health based on their past health data. Not only can health data help with accident prevention and detection, but it can also help with the containment of certain diseases, such as the coronavirus. The watches may detect the proximity of other watches, and in the event of an employee infection, other employees who have been in close contact with the infected individual will be swiftly identified.


The ability to use both hands is another benefit that cannot be provided with other devices. Employees typically perform activities using both of their hands. Using a smartphone or a tablet would prevent them from using both hands, causing them to stall their activity, limit their productivity and , in certain scenarios, even risk their safety. Smartwatches are ideal for this problem as they are strapped to the wrist and do not prohibit the employees from using both hands.

Quick access

Smartwatches not only free up both hands, but because of being strapped to a user’s wrist, also provide instant access to any information required. Other devices would require pausing an activity and retrieving the device from a pocket in order to check it. Because the smartwatch display is always visible, all information is accessible with a simple flick of the wrist.

Never miss anything

With easy access comes the advantage of never missing crucial messages, notifications or calls. People may be unable to hear their smartphones or other devices (i.e. silent mode or a noisy environment), or they may easily forget them in a different location. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are easily noticeable since they are constantly strapped to a person’s wrist and vibrate against the skin, which is more sensitively perceived than having a device in one’s pocket.


Another obvious advantage of smartwatches over other devices is that they are much smaller, accessible, more comfortable and convenient to carry around. Because they are always conveniently strapped to the wrist, they are always nearby and easy to carry. Other devices are bulkier and must be carried in your pocket, which is sometimes impossible (*ehm* ladies with non-existent pockets). The design is significantly smaller and more unobtrusive, making them suitable for both professional and personal lifestyles.

Minimizing distractions

True, larger devices have more space for applications and hence more distractions, which is not something to seek in work scenarios. This is readily avoided with smartwatches as the app logic and user interface elements can be streamlined and limited to provide only the necessary functionalities in order to reduce user distraction. This is also achieved by a smaller smartwatch display, which reduces distractions such as games and internet browsing, which are often available on smartphones and tablets.

More data

We know that both larger devices such as smartphones may gather data like personal movement and activities. Smartwatches, on the other hand, enable continuous data collection and can even gather additional data regarding physical condition, work patterns, angular hand movement, and specific habits that other devices simply cannot.


Smartwatch GPS is more precise than smartphone GPD as smartphones usually sacrifice their GPS accuracy in speed and distance to make room for other features.


Smartwatches are less intrusive and more fashionable than most other devices. They can be worn as part of an outfit or even match the company’s brand colors, which can be useful in a variety of business situations (i.e. business negotiations).


Nowadays, smartwatches can tell more than just the time and have various functions that rival those of other devices. The use of smartwatches is on the rise, which could be attributed to several advantages they offer compared to other devices, whether it’s enhanced business efficiency or ease of use. With the benefits mentioned, it seems probable that smartwatches will soon catch up to or replace the use of other devices in businesses.

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